Vahe Hayrapetian LA – Career Opportunity in Real Estate

September 25, 2017

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Are you intending to attempt into real estate profession? Even though the world is experiencing some impediments, but it does not mean the demand of the real estate business has decreased. Nowadays the people are busy in the dealing of the commercial and residential property. Vahe Hayrapetian LA says that the increasing demands of the property market result in the making the work stage for the youngsters possessing the diploma or degrees in the real estate.

Various jobs opportunities are available in the real estate professions. The jobs opportunities like insurance companies, mortgage bankers, property management firms, consulting firms, commercial banks, industrial as well as residential brokerage services are included in the real estate business. The projects of the real estate sector comprise the housing and construction sector said by Vahe Hayrapetian LA. The real estate sectors help in the development of the country.

Career Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Additionally, this sector also resolves the issue of the unemployment in the world. Vahe Hayrapetian LA says that the real estate sectors provide the maximum number of the jobs to the people after the agriculture sector. Real estate sectors have made the links and contracts with the many industries like the brick, cement, building material and so more. The individuals can have the job of the salesperson or broker in the real estate sector. The broker has the duty of helping the people in buying and selling of homes.


They have the responsibility of completing the paperwork of the property for saving the time and money of the customer. The broker should have the proper knowledge of the government policies as well as loan policies to provide the best service of brokerage to the client. Providing the best service will provide the broker lots of benefits in the market. The reputation of the broker will increase among the people in the market.

Alternative Income Opportunities for Real Estate Agents

At last, Vahe Hayrapetian highlights that the real estate brokers are divide into the three categories. First, industrial or office broker, land brokers and commercial brokers. Industrial or office brokers deals with the advancement, selling, or leasing out assets for purpose of the headquarters manufacturing. The industrial or office brokers should have the proper knowledge of the property tax and administration laws. The commercial brokers have the responsibility of finding the market for the revenue generating properties like shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings and apartments. To become the commercial broker, there should have knowledge of the investment as well as value of assets.

The third category land brokers have the dealing with the residential, commercial, and industrial and farm lands. Moreover, the duty of land broker is of surveying the lands that can be grown or produce revenues. The next job opportunity in the real estate is the office manager. The office manager has the service of managing the marketing, the meeting with the clients, financial management and brokerage. In addition, they also have the responsibility of hiring the agents for working in the firm. As per of Vahe Hayrapetian, the real estate office manager job can be full time or self-employed for the agency. With the proper knowledge regarding the real estate sector, one can easily introduce his career with the huge profits.

Essential Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent by Vahe Hyarpetian

September 14, 2017

Real Estate

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Vahe Hyarpetian Real Estate

If you are trying to buy or rent property it is always advisable to find a real estate agent or broker who can help you out. The reason for this is that it will help make things a whole lot easy and simpler. It is possible to do it all on your own by looking up ads in the classifieds pages of newspapers. You can find list of properties on the internet. Through this you are able to compile a list of all the lands that are available on the market as per the present date. You can use this information to look at the various properties and you will be able to find the best property according to your requirement said by Vahe Hayrapetian living in Los Angeles.

By doing all searches yourself you will find that this can be a rather lengthy business. If you hire an agent then he or she will already have the list ready for you to peruse. In fact, the agent can even shortlist the ones that suit your requirement, location-wise and budget-wise. This makes your task a lot easier and you do not need to waste your precious time for looking at properties. Vahe Hayrapetian staying in LA highlights that agents will also help you out in the negotiations for the price of the place and can get you many discounts and offers that will enrich your purchase.

Various reasons to hire a real estate agent:

Experience – Buying a home can take a lot of research from start to end, and if you do your part to research everything you want to know about the home buying process. You end up forgetting something or you end up overlooking something because what you read online and on books about it may not be as updated as the working knowledge of a real estate agent’s. Having somebody walk you through the system is a great help. There may be a lot of other things that occupy your mind during the home buying process that it’s easy to overlook a lot of things, but with a professional helping you through it, it could be a lot easier.

Finding the right property – A good real estate agent won’t just drag you around from house to house. As per of Vahe Hayrapetian, a really good agent will sit down with you and find out what kind of house you’re looking for, how much you can afford, and what your needs and your wants are. If you’re in the market for Wrightsville Beach real estate, for example, you’ll save a lot of time if an agent can filter out the properties you probably won’t be interested in anyway. So if you need a house with at least three bedrooms, two car garage, and another structure in the yard to act as an office, an agent can narrow the possibilities to save you valuable time.

Negotiations – An agent can give you some insight about how much to offer for a property, and give you tips on how to negotiate for it. If you’re researching about how much other properties cost so that you can come up with a reasonable price yourself, your agent can also give you some of the data you’ll need to make an intelligent offer.

Legwork – There’s a lot of legwork and paperwork involved in buying a house. An agent can really help you out with this so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the things you need to do. Your agent can help you take care of the tons of paperwork that need to be taken care of especially during closing when there are so many things going on that it’s easy to miss out on some important things.



How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event?

September 9, 2017

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Have you been selected to plan your company’s next conference? Have you just volunteered to organise the next party? It is understandable if you are a bundle of nerves. Relax! Corporate event planning need not be the tortuous ordeal you think it is. Here are some tips for making the event smooth and successful.


How To Plan a Successful Corporate Event

Initial Considerations for Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event planning begins with a consideration of the look and feels you wish the event to have. Think about what kind of event are you holding, what the reason for the event or celebration is and what you wish to accomplish. Is it just conference management, or do you have to deal with arranging business accommodation as well? Keep in mind that a relaxed state of mind can help you make better decisions and plan more effectively. Identifying all the primary and secondary reasons those will help you to choose locations, themes, agendas, and even timing for your event. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to throw a large event or festivals. Carefully thinking your corporate events makes sure you gain all you can from each event.

Planning Your Event

The actual process of corporate event planning becomes easier once you have defined the basic parameters.

Make a checklist – Create a checklist to provide a step-by-step guide to organising and executing a special event.

Make a budget – If you are organising a corporate event, you may have already been given the budget for it. Ensure that the budget is specific, and include revenue opportunities (sponsorship, ticket sales, donations, etc.) as well as expenses (printing, permits, insurance, speakers, food, supplies, security, etc.).

Maintain a Record – This is important not only for the expenses but for each activity you have undertaken. This will help you keep track of all the various elements you need to consider and the progress you are making with them.

Conference facilities – The location and site of the event are critical to its success. Selecting a site is more than just finding out available rooms. The factors that you may need to consider are room capacity, the purpose of the event, need for ramps, podium and stage, special equipment and furniture.

Have plenty of food and drinks – A critical factor for corporate event planning is the catering. The kind of food you will serve and careful decisions of whether it will be lunch, snack foods, dinner, buffet or a sit-down, make a huge difference in conference management. If you intend to serve alcohol, you will have to ensure that there are designated drivers to transport those who may be drinking during the event.

Plan publicity and marketing – Great publicity and marketing are critical in successful corporate event planning. There are many different methods you can use. You can consider supplementing paid advertising with inexpensive fliers, handouts, email messages and word of mouth.

Speaker or Entertainer – Booking a speaker or entertainer can be tricky and add to the cost. However, this can also make your corporate event extremely successful. Weigh the pros and cons of having a speaker or entertainer.

Arrange for Parking – All major events require ample parking space that is easily accessible from the event site. Ensure that the parking is convenient and that people do not have to walk too far to the venue site. If you have delivery trucks, caterers or special equipment being brought to the event, you will need to make sure everyone knows the best location for unloading.

Evaluate the Event – An often ignored but important element of corporate event planning is an evaluation. Create an evaluation form to hand out at the end of the event. Make it anonymous and short. You may even ask for direct verbal feedback.

Finally, once your event is over, take time to reflect back on it. Consider the entire corporate event planning process and the feedback you received. Were the guests provided with business accommodation comfortable? Did your conference management ensure a truly successful business event? Retrospection can help you continuously improve your planning and organising skills.